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December 20, 2014

Neil Thackaberry, co-artistic director of Actors' Summit, says that the current production of Hound of the Baskervilles is the most technically complicated show he's done in his 45-year theater career. Three actors portray 14 characters in the mystery/comedy "tour de farce," which has numerous costume changes and special effects. The run ends Sunday after the matinee, and then Neil shifts from slapstick to science when he directs Einstein, a one-man show that opens Jan. 15 and runs through Feb. 1. To learn more about Actors' Summit, visit the website or call 330.374.7568.

Tom Lix, founder and creator of Cleveland Whiskey, is thrilled that his Christmas Bourbon was named one of Fortune magazine's "11 holiday gifts for alcohol drinkers." The bourbon is available in retail stores all around Northeast Ohio and elsewhere in the state. It's also sold in Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and New Hampshire. It's going international, too, and is now available in Germany. For more about Cleveland Whiskey, visit the website  page.

Erin Vick and Robin Elsoffer met two and a half years ago in the parking lot of a local health center. Robin stopped to pet Erin's dog, and the two women ended up talking for hours. Erin learned that Robin had undergone two kidney transplants, and she offered to be a donor if Robin ever needed another kidney. The two meant to keep in touch but lost contact until December 2013, when they ran into one another at a grocery store. In the course of another long conversation, Erin reiterated her offer. Turns out that Robin's daughter, Michelle Tarczy, has the same kidney disease and is now on the transplant list. Erin went through donor screening and learned she was a good match for Michelle. Late in the process, Erin's tests revealed what initially was thought to be a cyst on one of her ovaries. It was more serious than that, however. Erin had the beginning of ovarian cancer, which would have killed her in five years or less. Erin's unselfish gift turned out to save her own life. Both Erin and Robin are grateful for their unexpected gift of friendship, and the support they give to one another. They also want to call attention to the need for live organ donations. Michelle, the mother of two small children, is still in need of a transplant. Donors need to be between 21 and 60, blood type A or O, and in good health. Call Audrey Kaplan at Cleveland Clinic's live donor transplant office, 216.444.1012.



December 13, 2014

Joanna Wilson is the author of the Christmas encyclopedia 'Tis the Season and a follow-up book, The Christmas TV Companion, about holiday fare that's off the beaten track. Her most recent book is Merry Musical Christmas Volume One: The Best Christmas Music in TV Sitcoms & Dramas. Access her well-researched holiday expertise and her blog by visiting her website

Interior designer Diane Romick recently moved to Northeast Ohio from Newport Beach, Calif. In addition to design, she does home staging and event decor and, as a bonus, can give homeowners tips on being relaxed hosts at their next party. You can reach Diane by visiting her website or by calling her cell, 949.228.1196.

Dave Halaby of Heather's Heat & Flavor says that the store is packed with holiday gift ideas, including handcrafted condiments, a chocolate cabernet sauvignon wine sauce and Carnivore, the popular cookbook by celebrity chef Michael Symon. Heather's is located in Hudson's First & Main shopping center. Visit Heather's Facebook page for more information.

If you're in Hudson this weekend and next, you may want to attend the open house at Whistler's Glen Alpacas, 8114 Valley View Rd., or visit the Case-Barlow Farm Doll House Exhibition, 1931 Barlow Rd. Both are fun holiday stops.




December 6, 2014

As usual, we featured an eclectic array of topics in today's show. Here are our guests and a little bit about them:

 Judy Norsigian is the author and editor of Our Bodies, Ourselves, an award-winning women's health book that has been published in 29 languages over the past four decades. She's also the executive director of the nonprofit organization Our Bodies Ourselves, which is in Cambridge, Mass. She will speak at the Hudson Library this Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 7 p.m. Visit the library's website for more information.

Julie DiFeo and Dick Rouser from Donzell's Flower and Garden Centers guarantee that you'll get into the holiday mood when you visit their festive store filled with decorations and gifts. Visit their website for a list of events and specials, or call 330.724.0505. 

Margie and Ray Toombs are the owners of Maid Brigade in Northeast Ohio. Their company is green certified, meaning that they don't use toxic chemicals while getting your home perfectly clean. This is a great time to buy gift certificates for 2015. Visit their website or call 330.453.6000.

 Clyde Witt is the author of Lost in the Tallgrass, which started out as a genealogy project and turned into his first published novel. His wife, Susan Jones, did the illustration for the cover of the book, which is available on amazon, at Barnes & Noble and at the Learned Owl in Hudson. Visit their website for a list of appearances.



November 29, 2014

Chris Stranahan, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited on Howe Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls, encourages homeowners to be considerate of the birds in their yard. When temperatures drop, birds need our help to keep warm, clean and fed. Give them shelter, clean water for drinking and bathing, and good seed, and you'll have happy, healthy backyard birds. For guidance, talk to Chris and the other experts at the store, which is located at 597 Howe Ave. next to Staples. For more information: 330.922.4990 or visit the website.

The fifth annual Case-Barlow Farm Doll House Exhibition opened Thanksgiving weekend and runs from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through Dec. 21. You'll see a variety of dollhouses ranging from elaborate to tiny, made of everything from wood to paper and metal. There's also a LEGO exhibit and a display of Hess toy vehicles, celebrating the toys' 50th anniversary. Admission, $15 for adults and $5 for children, goes to restore the property's 19th-century barn, which will be used for wedding receptions and other events. For more information about the farm: Case-Barlow Farm



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