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January 9, 2016

Tom Wolski is the owner of the Red Rhino franchise in Ohio. Red Rhino is a premium provider, supplier and installer of environmentally friendly epoxy and urethane cement protective coatings that can be used in residential and commercial settings. It comes in an array of colors that can be used alone or enhanced with vinyl color chips or metallic quartz. For more information, call 330.615.7762 or visit the website.

Chuck Buechle of Mouldings One says his company can reproduce just about any moulding needed in a home renovation project. The company also makes new mouldings, doors, butcher block counter tops and even cutting boards out of many different species of wood. Visit the Mouldings One booth at the upcoming NARI home show Jan. 21-24 or at the Great Big Home Show Feb. 5-14. Both shows will take place at the I-X Center in Cleveland. The company also has a showroom in Burton. For more information, call 440.834.3420 or visit the website.

The first of the year is always a good time for taking care of business that you've put off. That includes making prearrangements for the event that will eventually happen to all of us but that we don't want to think about. Tim Eberhardt, owner of the House of Eberhardt, the Portage Lakes funeral home, says that you don't have to pay up front, but it's a great idea to get your wishes down in writing so that your family knows what to do. He's available for free consultations. Give him a call at 330.644.5005 or visit his website.



January 2, 2016

Louise Sturmi, president of MTO Cleaning Services in Cuyahoga Falls, says that her company's services run the gamut from residential/commercial cleaning to post-construction detail, one-time special cleans, and carpet cleaning. And they do windows, too. You can reach MTO Cleaning by calling 330.971.7777 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Visit the MTO website

Steve Sherag is the show manager for the annual Hudson, Ohio Antique Show, which takes place this year on Saturday, Jan. 9, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 10, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Clarion Inn, 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway, at the Ohio Turnpike and Route 8. There will be 55 exhibitors, and admission is $8 per person. If you are under 30 years old, admission is free. For more information, visit the website

Pat Gibson of the Artistry of You is an image consultant who is trained to help people know what to wear. She offers color analysis and spa consultations that take your face shape and body type in consideration. She also performs closet audits, which includes removing the clothes that don't look good on you as well as teaching you not to make the same mistakes in the future. To reach Pat, call 440.212.2269 or visit her website.


December 26, 2015

For all our listeners who have friends and family who are visiting this holiday weekend from out of town, Tom Lix, founder and CEO of Cleveland Whiskey, suggests something uniquely Cleveland for them to do. They can visit his distillery for free tastings today until 4 p.m. The address is 1768 E. 25th St. in Cleveland, near Cleveland State University and Asia Plaza. For more information, call the main line at 216.881.8481 or visit the Cleveland Whiskey website.

Don Corbett, founder of ServiceMaster by Corbett, says that it's important to get expert advice when fire, smoke or water damages your home, and do it quickly because the first steps you take could mean the difference between a small cleanup and a more costly and time-consuming restoration. In the event of an emergency, ServiceMaster by Corbett is available 24/7. One way to prevent water damage while you're on vacation is to shut off your main water supply. For a free yellow tag to put on your shut-off valve, call ServiceMaster at 330.864.7300. ServiceMaster also does routine carpet cleaning and general cleaning. Don is offering a 20 percent discount through March 31 on carpet and furniture cleaning for anyone who mentions our show, My Beautiful Home. For more information, visit the ServiceMaster website.

Tom Crain, the Goin' Green Guy, teaches environmentally sound practices. He and his West Hill neighbor, Karen Edwards, are board members of the West Hill Neighborhood Organization, which has plans for multiple community gardens again this summer and even will put in a community orchard. Tom and Karen were the organizers of last summer's Goat Graze, where they brought in goats to remove the poison ivy from the Glendale steps. Another cool event is Akron Portage and Paddle, which will take place next summer and consists of teams portaging canoes from the Cuyahoga River to the Tuscarawas. Karen also is the director of City Sprouts, a nonprofit that teaches gardening and healthy living to children in the summertime. For more information, visit Tom's website or the City Sprouts Facebook page. Stay tuned for more information on the Akron Portage and Paddle event.



December 19, 2015

Bruce Yacko, creator of JAWS (Just Add Water System), says that his line of products is environmentally friendly because it eliminates the use of plastic spray bottles that get used once and then thrown away. Even if you recycle them, the recycling process requires a lot of energy. Bruce's line consists of kitchen, shower, glass and hardwood floor cleaners in heavy-duty plastic bottles with premium sprayers. It includes cartridges that contain liquids that leave surfaces clean with no streaking and without the use of harmful chemicals. In Northeast Ohio, JAWS is available at Discount Drug Mart. Or you can order by going to the JAWS website.

Bob Gaither, owner of Quality Carpet & Flooring, is a charter member of a buying group that purchases flooring products in large quantities. This allows locally owned carpet dealers such as Quality to sell carpet and flooring at the same prices as national dealers. Quality Carpet & Flooring, which Bob's father started more than 60 years ago, is located at 1755 Akron-Peninsula Road in Akron. For more information: 330.923.0929 or

Julian Severyn is a painter and the owner of Julian Severyn Studio Gallery in Bath. He offered holiday decorating ideas including using Star Showers, a product that projects little points of light onto the exterior of your home to create a constellation of stars. Other ideas include decorating with turquoise faux poinsettias and cool sapphire blue Christmas ornaments. He derived many of his ideas from the following companies: Nordlie, Maison by Paysage, Urban Home & Garden, Lighthouse Pools, and the Hallmark store at Broadview and Pleasant Valley. Julian's gallery is on the second floor of the Garth Andrews Building at the corner of North Cleveland-Massillon and Ira Roads. To reach him, call 330.665.0565.

Erin Chenault is the owner of Viva Bene Gourmet, a store specializing in personalized gourmet gifts, select wines, handcrafted cocktail kits, Italian specialty foods, and both imported and local meats and cheeses. Erin hosts monthly wine tastings and offers a wine club with discounts, and she sells the most beautiful imported handmade pasta. Her store is located at 219 N. Main St. in Hudson, behind the All Brides Beautiful shop. For more information, call 330.653.9800 or visit her website.




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