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Happy Earth Day! Bruce Yacko, the creator of JAWS (Just Add Water System), talked about the ways that his cleaning products help the environment. The glass, floor, kitchen and shower cleaners are nontoxic and packaged in cartridges that are inserted into heavy-duty, reusable plastic spray bottles. The bottles are designed to be used 26 times, reducing the impact on landfills and recycling centers. Also, a million cartridges can be shipped in a single truck, so there's less wear and tear on roads and the overall environment in that respect as well. JAWS products are sold at Discount Drug Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and online.

Russ and Connie Snyder of Woodstone Group LLC are the people to call if you're wanting a secret space built into your home. Connie is the owner and designer of Woodstone; Russ is the one who builds the cool secret spaces. Together, they've created everything from entire rooms hidden from sight to compartments in kitchen cabinets that are used for hiding valuables. They also specialize in kitchen/bath design and home theaters, among other areas of the home. To reach them, visit them online or call 234.571.1108.

Eric Haney, Gwen Newell, Scott Wells and Tony King visited from The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society. They're all volunteers who travel far and wide helping individuals who are afraid of strange events going on in their homes. Most of the time, there are mundane explanations for the events. About 5 to 10 percent of the time, however, there's really something otherworldly going on. Check out their YouTube channel to get a sense of what they do or visit their website.


Listen to this week’s show without commercial interruptions

Chris Stranahan, the owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store on Howe Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls, talked about The Joy of Bird Feeding, a new book by Jim Carpenter, the founder of Wild Birds Unlimited. Chris says that it's the most comprehensive book of its kind in the industry, giving readers a step-by-step guide to attracting and feeding backyard birds. Speaking of that popular activity, it's hummingbird season, and now's the time to put out a hummingbird feeder. Make sure you use 4 parts water to 1 part sugar, and skip the food coloring. It's better to attract hummingbirds by tying a colorful ribbon or artificial flower on the feeder. To hummingbirds, bright colors mean sweetness and will draw them to your feeder. For more information, visit Chris' website.

 Nancy Sheeler is the owner of the Transitional Design enterprise, which includes moving and downsizing services, a resale shop and an online auction. Nancy and her team help clients clear out items that they no longer need and sell them either at the store or online. Nancy is offering a one-time 15 percent discount for winning online bidders who mention "My Beautiful Home." The auction site has everything from fine china to collectibles and cars, and many of the items can be seen in person in the showroom that's adjacent to the resale shop. Nancy's business occupies a 15,000-square-foot industrial park space at 601 Towpath Trail in Broadview Heights; her number is 440.627.6390. For more information, visit the Transitional Design site. To bid, go directly to the auction site.

 Antha Poleondakis is co-chair of the Who is Your SHEro? campaign, which is the annual fundraiser for the Women's Endowment Fund. Since its founding in 1993, the Fund has given more than $1 million to organizations in our community that benefit women and children. Recipients have ranged from nonprofits that deal with serious societal concerns like rape and domestic violence to fun but also important endeavors like sending girls to camp or teaching them computer coding. You don't have to spend a lot to support these causes; as little as $25 will make a positive difference. To find out how to participate, visit the Who is Your SHEro? site. That's like hero, but for females. You'll be honoring a woman who's a hero in your life.


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New York Times best-selling author Patricia Falvey‘s third book just came out in the United States. The Girls of Ennismore depicts the intertwining lives of a family of Anglo-Irish gentry and their servants. It’s an Irish version of Downton Abbey, except that Patricia’s servants are more unruly than those in the popular TV show. Patricia also is the author of The Yellow House and The Linen Queen, other works of historical fiction. For more information about her books, visit Patricia’s website.

Joyce Pelz, the owner of the local franchise of NaturaLawn of America, says that while many of us in Northeast Ohio enjoyed the higher than normal temperatures of this past winter, the warm weather wreaked havoc on our grass. The ground, she says, is super saturated, but Joyce has the expertise and tools to help your lawn. To reach Joyce, call her office at  330.920.9182 or visit her website.

Peter Martin of Tower Industries talked about a few of the company’s many products, including solid-surface, worry-free showers that are durable and can be customized. He also talked about Dekton, a  new product that looks like stone and is specifically for outdoor use. It’s heat-resistant and UV stable. You can learn more online or visit the company showroom in Massillon.  Also, while you’re on the website, click on the link to the Dean & Deluca page. Tower Industries is the only manufacturer of the gourmet food purveyor’s new chef-prepared fast food display, which is both striking and beautiful.

This week My Beautiful Home with Andy January and Marie Covington was out and about at The Epoxy Shoppe‘s Grand Opening,  2884 S. Arlington Rd., Suite B.  Tom Wolski has opened an epoxy floor finish products store.  The store includes detailed classes to show home owners how to achieve a professional look and stunning floor finished with a professional grade epoxy.  It is the first store of its kind to offer for sale epoxy finishes for do-it-yourselfers.   For more information, 234.678.9171 or website

Also alking to us at the Grand Opening were,

Lee Lewis is the owner of Akrosteam, a carpet, rug, hard surface, and furniture cleaning company.  For more information call, 330-899-9772 or visit the website

Traci Mock, is the owner of Mock Ponds, a water feature designer, installer, maintenance, and pond products supply company. For more information, call 330-628-9100 or visit the website

Ted Mumma, Air Comfort a complete heating and cooling company.  For more information, call 330-434-8107 or visit the website

Listen to this week’s show without commercial interruptions

This week My Beautiful Home was at the Cuyahoga Falls Community Expo.  These are the exhibitors and volunteers that we talked to:

Marie Cutlip, CPA, president of Better Financial Solutions, that helps businesses and individuals with their taxing questions.  330-494-5335  or the website

David Fox, admissions director National Church Residences Bath Road, a skilled and assisted living center.  330-929-6272 or the website

Aaron Barnhart, head of retail banking, Westfield Bank, 330-923-0454 or the website

Sue Gruber, Wellness & Wealth Advisor, 330-714-7181 or the website

Keith Viers, vice president and branch manager, Ohio Savings, 330-923-9786 or the website

Kathleen Champlin, executive director, Danbury Senior Living, Cuyahoga Falls 330-940-3000, and Marge Sullivan , sales manager and marketing director at the new Tallmadge location, 330-247-1875 or the website

Greg McNeil founder of Cover2 Resources,  a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight the opioid epidemic through education and advocacy.  877-901-3277 0r the website


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