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Dee Schafer is the author of Don Drumm: The Sculptor-Designer Craftsman. She gave away a signed copy of her book along with a decorative dish made by Don with his signature sun design on it. Dee will have a book signing next Saturday, July 22, at Don Drumm Studios & Gallery, 437 Crouse St. in Akron. The signing is in conjunction with an exhibit of full-size cars that are painted wildly. Dee will be there from 3 to 5 p.m., but if you don't happen to make it that day, you can get copies of Dee's book on Amazon or ebay for $18.99; you can email Dee directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and buy a copy for $15 plus sales tax; or you can make a purchase any day at Don Drumm Studios & Gallery and also buy a copy of the book for $12.

Tom Wolski is the owner of the Epoxy Shoppe, 2884 S. Arlington Rd., Suite B, behind the Arlington Road Starbucks in Akron. Tom sells kits for do-it-yourselfers who want to install epoxy surfaces on their floors, counter tops or even furniture. He and his crew also will install them for you if you're not inclined to do the work yourself. Epoxy surfaces are chemical-, heat- and UV-resistant, and they're reasonably priced compared to many other surface materials. The first question that homeowners ask Tom after he installs an epoxy surface is how to clean it, and Tom used to tell them to buy a PH-neutral cleaning agent. But now he has an even better solution for them: Sofia's Soy Floor and All-Purpose Cleaners. Tom, who is a chemist, teamed up with another chemist to develop the products, which are environmentally friendly, highly effective and produced in Akron. They're available at the Epoxy Shoppe. For more information, visit the website.

We've had members of the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society on the show before, and most of the time they've talked about the vast majority of their investigations in which they debunk notions that paranormal activities are going on. Not this time. Eric Haney and Jessica Toth told a couple of hair-raising tales from their investigations into strange occurrences at the old Masonic Temple on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland and, closer to home for Akronites, at Thursday's Lounge near the University of Akron. The Akron investigation is the subject of the group's upcoming episode of their show Mysterious Midwest on YouTube. It's released July 26, the day of a watch party that's open to the public at Thursday's Lounge. To find out more information about the watch party, visit the group's Facebook page. For general information about the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society or to reach someone about investigating a possible ghost, visit the website. The group does not charge for its services. The members are in it for the satisfaction of scientific inquiry. 




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Doreen Lazarus, volunteer extraordinaire for Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary in Chesterland, talked about the no-kill shelter's upcoming benefit that will celebrate 35 years of rescuing cats that have been abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned. The event takes place Saturday, July 22, at the American-Croatian Lodge, 34900 Lakeshore Blvd. in Eastlake. Tickets are $35 each and cover dinner and nonalcoholic drinks; there also will be a cash bar, a silent auction and raffles. As a nonprofit, Happy Tails depends on volunteers and donations to keep doing good work on behalf of needy felines. For more information on how to support Happy Tails, visit the website. Event reservations are due by July 16; for tickets, call or text Doreen at 440.759.0076 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Donna Skoda, Health Commissioner for Summit County Public Health, provided an illuminating overview of the array of services that her department provides. Who knew, for instance, that you can call the department if you're contemplating buying a foreclosed home. Donna has stories about people thinking they got a great deal on a home only to discover after the fact that it has costly septic or well issues. Speaking of septic systems and wells, the department also has a program that can help homeowners offset the cost of fixing or replacing their systems. Essentially, Donna says, her department is in the business of reducing harm to the populace, and that includes saving you money. Another surprising fact about Summit County Public Health is that it runs its own dental clinic where patients pay on a sliding scale. Quickly becoming the "denture capital of the world," according to Donna, the clinic is located at the department's main office, 1867 W. Market St. in Akron. To reach Summit County Public Health, call 330.923.4891; to learn more, visit the website.

Ali Rose started Cocoa Joe's, a company that specializes in handmade chocolate-covered confections, when she was still a student at Kent State University studying entrepreneurship. The venture, which she named in memory of her sweets-loving grandfather, quickly took off. Ali, short for Alexandra, keeps adding new treats to her offerings; her latest, she says, are espresso beans -- covered in chocolate, of course. To learn more or to place an order, call 216.571.7600 or visit the Cocoa Joe's website.




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Jessica Brandy, sponsorship coordinator for the Cuyahoga Falls Sommerfest (yes, that's the correct German spelling). The event, previously known as the Cuyahoga Falls Oktoberfest, takes place next weekend, Friday, July 7, through Sunday, July 9. It will feature beer (of course!) along with plenty of traditional and not-so-traditional German food like sausage, schnitzel-on-a-stick and "build-your-own" macaroni and cheese. There will be plenty of music, too -- both by local cover bands on the main stage and by bands playing German tunes on the north-end stage. Admission to the festival is free, and there's free parking also. Even better, all profits from food and beverage sales are distributed by the Oktoberfest committee, which is a nonprofit, for scholarships and to benefit community organizations. For more information, visit the website or the Oktoberfest Facebook page.

Dave Anthony and his son Eric Anthony are the owners of Anthony Funeral Homes & Crematory, with three locations in Akron, Green and Cuyahoga Falls. Dave's grandfather started the family business 100 years ago.  He attributes the longevity of their business to the empathy that he and his family have for people who have lost loved ones. They have suffered their own losses and learned early on that there's no guarantee of tomorrow so it's best not to take anyone for granted. At Anthony Funeral Homes, Dave and Eric take care of people as they would their own family. For more information, call 330.724.1281 or visit their website.

Peter Martin of Tower Industries gave us an update about the company's project with the gourmet food purveyor Dean & Deluca. Tower Industries, which manufactures solid surface counter tops and showers, among other products, fabricated serving counters that are now installed in two Dean & Deluca stores including the flagship store in Manhattan. A third counter top is in the works, with plans to put these serving stations in all the Dean & Deluca stores around the world. The term "counter top" does not do this product justice. In reality, it looks like the Swiss alps of food stations. And the surface is nonporous and antibacterial, which means it's safe for food service. Tower Industries' products have many applications for the home, including long-lasting shower stalls and backyard-kitchen counter tops that are impervious to ultraviolet light and the weather. Peter is looking forward to the company's big clearance sale, which is taking place the weekend of Sept. 9 at the company's Massillon showroom. For more information, call 330.837.2216 or visit the website.

Marilyn Purdy, Susan Balmert and Ginny Bache are members of the Dragon Dream Team, a support group for breast cancer survivors. Theirs is a unique support group because they're part of Ohio's first and only dragon boat team. Dragon boats are based on ancient Chinese war boats. They're 42 feet long and powered by 20 paddlers who keep the boat moving forward by working in sync with one another. There's also a drummer on board who helps them keep the beat. And finally, one more person who steers. You can see the Dragon Dream Team and more than 35 other teams in action at next weekend's Dragon Boat Festival, which takes place on Saturday, July 8, at Portage Lakes State Park on Turkey Foot Lake. The day begins around 8 with an "Awakening the Dragon" ceremony in which participants paint the eyes open on their boats. Then the races begin and continue well into the afternoon. There will be food trucks and plenty of beach activities throughout the day. This promises to be a colorful and fun event. For more information or to find out how to help the Dragon Dream Team get to the international Dragon Boat competition in Florence, Italy, next year, visit the website.

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JAWS (Just Add Water System) products are used to clean the United States' nuclear submarines. Bruce Yacko, creator of the system, notes that if JAWS is the chosen cleaner for the close quarters of a submerged submarine, JAWS can safely -- and effectively -- clean your home and outdoor appliances, as well. The line includes cleaners for windows, wood floors, showers and kitchens. This is a good time of year to use the kitchen cleaner to degrease your backyard grill to get it ready for the Fourth of July. JAWS is available at Discount Drug Marts and online. Bruce is doing an online promotion this week for our listeners who use the promo code Andy. You receive all four products including two cartridges of each cleaner, four spray bottles and free shipping. Not only that, you'll have the peace of mind to know that you're using products that are safe for your children, your pets and, of course, yourself.

It's also important to choose safe and effective products for your personal care. Shane Rorrer of the Aveda Experience Center at Summit Mall in Fairlawn, has been in the beauty business for 10 years. He decided to join Aveda three years ago because he preferred using chemical-free products when working with clients. Shane not only gives great facials, he gives his clients the knowledge to make themselves look and feel better every day. Call him at 330.835.3509 for a free 20-minute facial. The Aveda Experience Center is located off the food court in the middle of the mall, 3265 W. Market St. in Akron.For information about Aveda products, visit the website.

Kim Gruenenfelder is the author of five romantic comedy books, the latest of which is Love the Wine You're With. The brand-new novel, published just last week, is about three women friends who decide to open a wine bar and, likely, also jettison the men in their lives. Kim's books are available on Amazon, at The Learned Owl in Hudson and at other independent bookstores, and at Barnes & Noble. To find out more, visit Kim on Facebook or on her website.

Dashiel Rowland is the 19-year-old son of Lisa DeBenedictis, who is one of our regular guests. Like Kim, she's an author and screenwriter. Lisa also is justifiably proud of her son, who began his performing career at 3 years old when the family was living in Los Angeles. As a kid, Dashiel played with the likes of B.B. King and Eric Clapton, and he impressed legendary music producer Quincy Jones. Listen to some of his music by searching Dashiel on SoundCloud.

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Carol and Tim Dorow are the owners of TC Surface Designs, which does decorative concrete resurfacing and epoxy coatings directly over existing surfaces. Carol is the artist of the pair, and she started an offshoot of their business, called Art by Design. She brought in samples of her work, including an epoxy-coated vase that would be a classic and beautiful addition to any decor, and tiles and wall art that she also did with the brilliant epoxy colors. TC Surface Designs, located at 5246 Cleveland Rd. in Wooster, is open by appointment only because Carol and Tim are often out of the office working with clients throughout the region. Call Tim at 440.458.2261 or Carol at 440.309.5259, or visit the TC Surface Designs website or Carol's brand-new website.

Connie and Russ Snyder own the Woodstone Group, an award-winning home remodeling business serving Northeast Ohio. They're also treasure hunters and active members of the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters Club. They have stories to tell about the coins, jewelry and other valuable artifacts that members have found in area parks, beaches and backyards. And they brought with them an offer that prospective treasure hunters may find hard to pass up. They said that Metal Detectors of Ohio, a company in Litchfield, is willing to sell a new White's Treasure Master for an all-inclusive price of $275 to anyone who mentions "My Beautiful Home." That's a great price for an excellent piece of equipment, Russ says. And Connie notes that the price includes tax and shipping as well as a stainless steel digger and coil cover. What a deal! Metal Detectors of Ohio can be reached at 216.387.2738; ask for Jerry or Betty. To reach the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters, check out their Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To reach Connie or Russ at Woodstone, call 234.571.1108 or visit their website.


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