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May 21, 2016

Steve Berry, the Sheriff of Summit County reminded listeners to be careful when working in their yards.  If you have your garage open, keep the door into your home securely locked.  Don't broadcast to the entire neighborhood your vacation plans, some bad guy or kid might be listening.  The Summit County Sheriff' and the Rubber City Radio Group including WAKR on June 18 will sponsoring a free no questions asked, no drivers licences or car registrations or wants or warrants will be checked, just your car for safety. No citations will be issued.  For more information call 330-643-2111 or visit the website.  Also the Summit County Prosecutor office is have a Self Defense class on May 26. For more information visit the website.

Chris Stranahan, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited on Howe Ave is having a celebration, a Cicada Celebration and a Cicada Hike.  May 28, the naturalist at the store will give a presentation celebrating the emergence of Brood V of the 17 year cicadas.  On June 11, join the naturalist for a tour and a talk at Chestnut Hill Park, 2613 Sackett Ave, Cuyahoga Falls.  Chris also reminded us that the hummingbirds are coming back as well as the Baltimore Orioles.  Visit the Wild Birds Unlimited store for feeder and advice on attracting both birds to your yard.  For more information call 330-922-4990 or visit the website.

Clyde McDaniel, an independent  producer and videographer has produce a video the cronicals old time hardware stores in Summit county.  Clyde plans to make that the first in a series of videos entitled Ye Old Neighborhood., a series of reminiscence of life in the '50s. Watch the video at the Akron Public Library or on YouTube.   The next video will include neighborhood drug stores with soda fountains.  Clyde said that there aren't many left so he will include a paint store in this video. Clyde is always looking for volunteers and other types of support include financial.  To contact Clyde McDaniel call 330-785-8576 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


May 14, 2016

Mary Beth Breckenridge, Home Writer for the Akron Beacon Journal is also a Master Gardner.  Mary Beth says that tickets are available for the Master Gardeners of Summit County annual Tour of Gardens. The Tour takes place on Saturday, June 25. There are 6 gardens on the tour.  If you are a patron there is a "secret" seventh garden. Tickets are available at the website or at local garden centers.  For information about becoming a master gardener, visit the website.

Christian Zimmerman an ordained pastor and retired TWA pilot recounted his days as a hijacked airline hostage for nearly a month in Lebanon in 1985. After an number of trips back and forth across the Mediterranean, from Lebenon to Algeria, the passengers and pilots were help another 16 day before being released.  On his return to the United States, Christian was able to meet with then president Ronald Reagan.  He received a hero's welcome when he returned to his home town of 1000 residents, with the governor of Idaho and all the major news outlets in attendance.  There some copies of his book still available on Amazon

Renee Zumpano, president  of Bath Volunteers for Service and her husband, Fred Zumpano owner of Fred Zumpano Design and Construction invited everyone to attend the Bath Home Tour.  The home tour is the biggest fund raiser for the Bath Volunteers.  There are 6 interesting homes and a bonus 17 acre garden. General admission tickets are $25, admission and lunch tickets are $35.  The 39th annual tour begins at 9:30, May 19 at Bath United Church of Christ, 3080 West Bath Road.  Reservations are a must. For more information, or to buy your tickets on line, visit the website


May 7, 2016

Bob Dohrety regional sales manager for  Wolff Bros  said that not all of the new LED light bulb have the same lifetime.  Many of the inexpensive and on sale bulbs are rated at half the life of the more expensive bulb.  The original style LED bulbs are rated at 25,000 hours.  The new inexpensive LED bulb are rated at 11,000 hours.  If you are buying a bulb for an installation that is difficult and expensive, you will want one that lasts a long, long time.  Be sure to check the lifetime estimate on the package.  Wolff Bros has become a Cambria counter top prefered distributor.  Wolff Bros. is a distributor of kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, HVAC and electrical supplies. You can visit Wolff Bros showroom at anytime but to talk to an interior designer it is best to call 330.773.1072 for an appointment  or visit the website.

Chuck Buechle of Mouldings One says his company can reproduce just about any moulding needed in a home renovation project. The company also makes new mouldings, doors, butcher block counter tops and even cutting boards out of many different species of wood.  The company also has a showroom in Burton. For more information, call 440.834.3420 or visit the website.

Ellen Otto and Farmer Dennis McEndree invited listeners to visit Crown Point Ecology Center during the annual plant sale.  These locally raised plants are certified 100% organic.  The sale is from May 13 throught May 27.   Crown Point also has a Summer Farm & Science Camp for kids.  Crown Point is located at 3220 Ira Road in Bath. For more information call 330.668.8992 or visit the website 

April 30, 2016

Bryan Echols of Echols Heating & Air Conditioning says this is a great time to upgrade to a more efficient heating or cooling system because tax credits and manufacturers' rebates will save you money. Echols specializes in educating customers along with providing great service. For more information, call 330-773-3500 or visit the website.

Meralie Pocock, owner of Mr. Fun's Costumes and Magic Emporium, came dressed for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but that's not the only holiday to celebrate this week. Today is the halfway mark to Halloween, Monday is International Harry Potter Day and next Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. Think hats! Mr. Fun's, which has a wide selection of costumes and accessories for all occasions, is located at 4130 State Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. For more information, call 330.923.3339 or visit the website.

Julian Severyn, a painter and the owner of Julian Severyn Studio Gallery in Bath, talked about garden art and all the colorful additions that you can add to make your yard sparkle this season. Julian found great items at the following retailers: Petitti Garden Centers, Furniture Nook of North Royalton and Dimitroff's Furniture & Design of Bath. Julian's gallery, which is open to the public by appointment, is on the second floor of the Garth Andrews Building at the corner of North Cleveland-Massillon and Ira Roads. To reach him, call 330.663.0365 or 440.838.1754.

Demetri Sintsirmas has developed quite an expertise in wine, and he graciously shares his knowledge at The Wine Bar at Solaire, his family's restaurant in Hudson. He also shared three wines on the show: a Greek white and two reds, all delicious. Located in First & Main above the Solaire salon and spa, the wine bar is open for dinner and tastings. You also can rent out the charming space for a private party. To make reservations or for more information, call 330.236.4872 or visit facebook. The Wine Bar at Solaire also has a new website


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