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Carol and Tim Dorow are the owners of TC Surface Designs, which does decorative concrete resurfacing and epoxy coatings directly over existing surfaces. Carol is the artist of the pair, and she started an offshoot of their business, called Art by Design. She brought in samples of her work, including an epoxy-coated vase that would be a classic and beautiful addition to any decor, and tiles and wall art that she also did with the brilliant epoxy colors. TC Surface Designs, located at 5246 Cleveland Rd. in Wooster, is open by appointment only because Carol and Tim are often out of the office working with clients throughout the region. Call Tim at 440.458.2261 or Carol at 440.309.5259, or visit the TC Surface Designs website or Carol's brand-new website.

Connie and Russ Snyder own the Woodstone Group, an award-winning home remodeling business serving Northeast Ohio. They're also treasure hunters and active members of the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters Club. They have stories to tell about the coins, jewelry and other valuable artifacts that members have found in area parks, beaches and backyards. And they brought with them an offer that prospective treasure hunters may find hard to pass up. They said that Metal Detectors of Ohio, a company in Litchfield, is willing to sell a new White's Treasure Master for an all-inclusive price of $275 to anyone who mentions "My Beautiful Home." That's a great price for an excellent piece of equipment, Russ says. And Connie notes that the price includes tax and shipping as well as a stainless steel digger and coil cover. What a deal! Metal Detectors of Ohio can be reached at 216.387.2738; ask for Jerry or Betty. To reach the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters, check out their Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To reach Connie or Russ at Woodstone, call 234.571.1108 or visit their website.


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Dane Leisure, founder and artistic director of the Rubber City Shakespeare Company, talked about his company's current production -- "King Lear" with a female lead. It's fabulous, according to one of our other guests, Lisa DeBenedictis, who introduced us to Dane. "Queen Lear," as we're calling the play, is set in 1980s Akron at the time of the breakup of the rubber companies. Dane says his company, which performs in the former First Presbyterian Church at 647 E. Market, strives to make every production relevant and accessible to modern audiences. And the venue is a beautiful setting with terrific acoustics, Lisa says. For tickets or more information, call 234.252.0272 or visit the website. Soon, the name of the company will be changed to Rubber City Theater to better reflect the range of plays that it produces.

In addition to being a huge fan of Dane's Rubber City theater company and of our other guest's store, which we'll talk about next, Lisa is a former screenwriter and the author of "Short Skirts and Shorter Stories: Musings on Life, Love and Lust." The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble online.

Meralie Pocock, owner of Mr. Fun's Costume and Magic Emporium, has been extremely busy this month with costume emergencies. Who knew that there were such things? Mr. Fun's has 18,000 square feet of merchandise and space used for custom costume creation and repair. It's located in a former roller rink at 4130 State Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. The store is bursting at the seams, Meralie says, so she and her friendly staff are holding an indoor sidewalk sale to clear up space. It will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 23-24, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call 330.923.3339 or visit the website.

Finally, the NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) is having its Remodeled Home Show at scattered sites this weekend throughout Northeast Ohio. For the event program, visit the website.




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Mary Beth Breckenridge was the co-host on My Beautiful Home today.  Mary Beth is the former home writer for the Akron Beacon Journal, whose column graced the Saturday ABJ Home section for many years. A proponent of print media advised the listeners to buy their paper to learn the accurate facts of a story.  The big news is Mary Beth is starting a new career, she is becoming a real estate agent. She will  be with Howard Hanna, 2603 W. Market St., 330-836-9300.  Check this website for the next time Mary Beth will be on My Beautiful Home to discuss homes in Akron.

South Akron Awning is currently reinstalling the awnings that were taken down last fall.  Jack Carroll said that this is one of the service that his company does.  Jack said that there are many new colors and designs.  Not all stripes either, South Akron Awning has a European selection that include interesting textures.  Jack also suggested that more customers are using awning curtains in the winter.  Because outdoor living has become popular, one needs outdoor furniture.  The problem is where to store it.  You can keep it on the porch or patio where your summer awning are used.  When South Akron Awning takes down the awnings in the fall they can be replace with exterior curtains to protect your outdoor furniture until next summer.  For more information, give Jack a call at 330.848.7611 or visit the website.

Jacqueline Kowalski, agricultural and natural resource educator from the OSU Extension said that there are a wide range of service available from the Extension.  One of the favorite is the "Ask the Expert" a gardening question.  Every Tuesday from 9 a.m to Noon, you can call 330.929.4768 (listen for the Master Gardener Prompt) and ask a gardening expert a question and get a real time answer.  Also coming up on June 24 is the 2017 Tour of Gardens, Gardens of Distinction, tickets are $20 for more information or to buy a ticket visit the website.

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Marge Klein, owner of the Peanut Shoppe at 203 S. Main Street said they have been in business roasting peanuts since the 1930's. In addition to peanuts, the Peanut Shoppe has many other nuts, candies, and for the summer soft serve yogurt.  Check out Facebook or call 330-376-7020

 Retired judge, Jane Bond is on the board of Partners for Theater, an organization that provides support to area theatrical companies. Partners in Theater is presenting Summit Stage Fest at Highland Square, on June 3.  Summit Stage Fest will feature free unique theater presentations lasting one hour from over 20 theater groups from 11 am to 4 pm on four outdoor stages and 2 indoor stages. For more information visit the website  

Tim Eberhardt, owner of the House of Eberhardt, said that this weekend, Memorial Day, makes people aware of the need for pre-planning their own funeral arrangements.  Because it isn't a subject that is often talked about, getting your wishes down in writing and paid for in advance of one's passing eliminates the chance for confusion.  House of Eberhardt welcomes no obligations discussions of funeral options.  For more information call 330-644-5005 or visit the website

Hannah Gerbec, owner of Aunt Hannah's Antiques is also the chairman of the Barberton Merchant's Association. Aunt Hannah's Antiques has a large inventory of great items. Currently Aunt Hannah has many collectible cast iron peices. For more information visit Facebook.  The Barberton Downtown Merchants Association sponsors the downtown Barberton monthly 4th Friday evening event with food, fun and entertainment.


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Ellen Otto, special events coordinator for Crown Point Ecology Center reminded listeners that this is the last day for the annual Organic Plant sale today until 4 p.m. The next big event is the 18th annual "Taste of Earth" gala on August 20.  Crown Point is located at 3220 Ira Rd., Bath.  For more information call 330.668.8992 or visit the website

Bob Doherty, regional manager for Wolff Brothers Supply, 1200 Kelly Ave., discussed the confusing selection of newly available light bulbs.  It is no longer watts but lumens.  On every bulb package there is a bulb fact sheet that outlines the quality and features of that bulb. Bob recommends that to aid you in your quest for the perfect bulb, engage the internet while you are bulb shopping.   This way you can find out how many lumens you need of a particular type of bulb to replicate the power and color of those six old 100 watt incandescent bulbs you have in the fixture above the vanity in your bathroom.  Bob also gave us a tip, halogen bulbs are the first cousin of old time incandescent bulbs. Wolff Bros has electrical, plumbing supplies to the trade and has a design staff to help customers with the remodeling of their kitchens and baths.  For more information call 330.773.1077 or visit the website


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