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Kucko-Anthony Funeral home has been in business 100 years starting back on November 6, 1917. Things have changed since then. Dave Anthony, owner, said that when his grandfather was in embalming school in Cincinnati, his job was to feed and tend the horses that were used to pull the hearse. One of the recent changes in the funeral business is the increased number of cremations, which Anthony's provide at their own facility. 

Dave also gave some advice regarding grieving during the holidays. If you are the one who has experienced a recent loss, even more than a year ago, Dave suggests changing things up during this year's holidays. Have your get-together in different surroundings, rearrange seating at the table, and don't stop the discussion of your late loved one. All if this helps with the grieving process. According to Dave,Thanksgiving actually can be harder than Christmas, and the anticipation of the holiday is actually worse than the holiday itself. 

If you want to help others who are grieving, remember birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other significant days to the family of your late friend. You can say, "I know today is a difficult day for you. I am checking in and thinking of you."  

Kucko-Anthony is located in three neighborhoods in Summit County. For more information, call 330-724-1281 or go to the website. 

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