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There are 210,000 people in Ohio living with Alzheimer's disease, says Andrew DeFratis, Communications and Public Policy Coordinator for the Greater East Ohio Area Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. And 60,000 of those individuals live in the 17-county area served by the East Ohio Area Chapter. Multiply those numbers by family members, friends and other associates, and you'll get a sense of the number of individuals affected by this devastating neurological disease. That's why it's so important to be aware of the services and information provided by the Alzheimer's Association and how you can support its efforts. One way is to participate in the upcoming Akron Walk to End Alzheimer's on Sunday, Oct. 1, at the University of Akron. Check-in is at 8:30 a.m. at the Stile Athletics Field House with opening ceremonies for the two-mile walk beginning at 10. For more information, call the 24-hour hotline, 800.272.3900 or visit the website.

Ron Krueger, owner of A Plus Wildlife Control, says that this is grubbing season, when raccoons and skunks dig into your yard looking for insects. They can do a lot of damage to the grass, and just having these destructive (and potentially smelly) creatures around your house can be disconcerting. Ron also says that while the days are still warm, it's a good time to seal your home against smaller marauders, particularly mice and squirrels, who will be looking for winter accommodations when the weather turns. You can do the work yourself or call the experts at A Plus at 866.606.9188. For more information, including a recipe for making your own skunk odor neutralizer, visit the website.

Don Corbett, a reverse mortgage consultant for Senior Mortgage Advisors, dispelled the biggest misconception about reverse mortgages. You do not give up the deed to your house when you take out a reverse mortgage, he says. As long as you pay your property taxes and insurance and keep the house in reasonably good condition, it's like any other mortgage except that you have to be 62 or older to qualify. The main reason that people want a reverse mortgage is to supplement income, he says. In other words, if you're house rich but cash poor, you could really benefit. There are other reasons as well. To learn more, call Don at 330.807.0725, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website.



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