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Carol and Tim Dorow are the owners of TC Surface Designs, which does decorative concrete resurfacing and epoxy coatings directly over existing surfaces. Carol is the artist of the pair, and she started an offshoot of their business, called Art by Design. She brought in samples of her work, including an epoxy-coated vase that would be a classic and beautiful addition to any decor, and tiles and wall art that she also did with the brilliant epoxy colors. TC Surface Designs, located at 5246 Cleveland Rd. in Wooster, is open by appointment only because Carol and Tim are often out of the office working with clients throughout the region. Call Tim at 440.458.2261 or Carol at 440.309.5259, or visit the TC Surface Designs website or Carol's brand-new website.

Connie and Russ Snyder own the Woodstone Group, an award-winning home remodeling business serving Northeast Ohio. They're also treasure hunters and active members of the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters Club. They have stories to tell about the coins, jewelry and other valuable artifacts that members have found in area parks, beaches and backyards. And they brought with them an offer that prospective treasure hunters may find hard to pass up. They said that Metal Detectors of Ohio, a company in Litchfield, is willing to sell a new White's Treasure Master for an all-inclusive price of $275 to anyone who mentions "My Beautiful Home." That's a great price for an excellent piece of equipment, Russ says. And Connie notes that the price includes tax and shipping as well as a stainless steel digger and coil cover. What a deal! Metal Detectors of Ohio can be reached at 216.387.2738; ask for Jerry or Betty. To reach the Silver Creek Treasure Hunters, check out their Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To reach Connie or Russ at Woodstone, call 234.571.1108 or visit their website.


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