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Ellen Otto, special events coordinator for Crown Point Ecology Center reminded listeners that this is the last day for the annual Organic Plant sale today until 4 p.m. The next big event is the 18th annual "Taste of Earth" gala on August 20.  Crown Point is located at 3220 Ira Rd., Bath.  For more information call 330.668.8992 or visit the website

Bob Doherty, regional manager for Wolff Brothers Supply, 1200 Kelly Ave., discussed the confusing selection of newly available light bulbs.  It is no longer watts but lumens.  On every bulb package there is a bulb fact sheet that outlines the quality and features of that bulb. Bob recommends that to aid you in your quest for the perfect bulb, engage the internet while you are bulb shopping.   This way you can find out how many lumens you need of a particular type of bulb to replicate the power and color of those six old 100 watt incandescent bulbs you have in the fixture above the vanity in your bathroom.  Bob also gave us a tip, halogen bulbs are the first cousin of old time incandescent bulbs. Wolff Bros has electrical, plumbing supplies to the trade and has a design staff to help customers with the remodeling of their kitchens and baths.  For more information call 330.773.1077 or visit the website


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