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Happy Earth Day! Bruce Yacko, the creator of JAWS (Just Add Water System), talked about the ways that his cleaning products help the environment. The glass, floor, kitchen and shower cleaners are nontoxic and packaged in cartridges that are inserted into heavy-duty, reusable plastic spray bottles. The bottles are designed to be used 26 times, reducing the impact on landfills and recycling centers. Also, a million cartridges can be shipped in a single truck, so there's less wear and tear on roads and the overall environment in that respect as well. JAWS products are sold at Discount Drug Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and online.

Russ and Connie Snyder of Woodstone Group LLC are the people to call if you're wanting a secret space built into your home. Connie is the owner and designer of Woodstone; Russ is the one who builds the cool secret spaces. Together, they've created everything from entire rooms hidden from sight to compartments in kitchen cabinets that are used for hiding valuables. They also specialize in kitchen/bath design and home theaters, among other areas of the home. To reach them, visit them online or call 234.571.1108.

Eric Haney, Gwen Newell, Scott Wells and Tony King visited from The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society. They're all volunteers who travel far and wide helping individuals who are afraid of strange events going on in their homes. Most of the time, there are mundane explanations for the events. About 5 to 10 percent of the time, however, there's really something otherworldly going on. Check out their YouTube channel to get a sense of what they do or visit their website.


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