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This week My Beautiful Home was at the Cuyahoga Falls Community Expo.  These are the exhibitors and volunteers that we talked to:

Marie Cutlip, CPA, president of Better Financial Solutions, that helps businesses and individuals with their taxing questions.  330-494-5335  or the website

David Fox, admissions director National Church Residences Bath Road, a skilled and assisted living center.  330-929-6272 or the website

Aaron Barnhart, head of retail banking, Westfield Bank, 330-923-0454 or the website

Sue Gruber, Wellness & Wealth Advisor, 330-714-7181 or the website

Keith Viers, vice president and branch manager, Ohio Savings, 330-923-9786 or the website

Kathleen Champlin, executive director, Danbury Senior Living, Cuyahoga Falls 330-940-3000, and Marge Sullivan , sales manager and marketing director at the new Tallmadge location, 330-247-1875 or the website

Greg McNeil founder of Cover2 Resources,  a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight the opioid epidemic through education and advocacy.  877-901-3277 0r the website


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